TAOme - Name & Meaning

TAOme – The Word Mark

The name TAOme was chosen consciously after feng shui criteria. It combines the Western world with the Eastern world and old nuggets of wisdom with new ones. 

The Chinese word TAO means „path“, therefore the personal path through life, whereas “me” derives from Latin. “The “me” is my way of realization in the hotel and a play with the letters EM, the license plate of Emmendingen, that become “me” through backward reading”, adds the building owner with a smile.

Summed up TAOme means „my way to live in harmony“.

The old Taoists were scholars, researchers and sages at the same time, who thousands of years ago already had watched nature and realized that there is nothing what is rigid or solid. Everything flows, a permanent state of transformation and change. This is exactly what we still see today and maybe even more than in those days. The world surprises us permanently with new challenges. The wise Taoist taught to adapt one‘s path through life to the regularities of change, to stay in progress. Exactly this is what does us good also today. The old Taoists deduced practical rules for everday life from the principles of „wind and water“ and established the teachings of feng shui.

Looking at the word mark TAOme in terms of feng shui you see 5 letters corresponding to the 5 natural elements fire, earth, metal, water and wood. Looking at the letters in terms of numerology the result is the very beneficial number 9 that represents longevity and persistence. The sound of the syllables goes up which in turn symbolizes success. 



TAOme – The Design Mark

The logo is comprised of 5 vigorous ginkgo leafs that frame a five-piece white blossom inside. The blossom is not necessarily visible at a glance and it symbolizes the fine effects of the measures implemented in the hotel that contribute much to the well-being of the guests, even if they don’t appear boldly. (It is only with the heart that one can see rightly.)

Since time immemorial the ginkgo tree is a holy temple tree in Asia that represents strong vital energy and health. The ginkgo also attracts attention in the Western medicine. 

The number 5 reflects the 5 natural elements fire, earth, metal, water and wood. In terms of numerology 5 means balance and harmony of the 5 elements as well as great creativeness. Also in the Western world 5 has always been a magic number. 

The white blossom lies safely in the center and is revealed to some people only at second glance. The blossom is the soul, the heart and also inner values. The color „pristine white“ represents purity, clarity, light.

The shape of the five-piece blossom resembles a little man stylized with head, arms and legs and this way it is a bringer of good luck on the 3 levels heaven luck, human luck and earth luck. If all three levels of luck are represented then luck comes to you (just like in „The Star Money“), you steadily meet helpful people and you are always on firm ground. 

This is also supported by the color selection of the logo. The earthy browns bring the stability and quiet of the earth element. They provide a solid basis for guests and staff in the hotel. The strong green tones of the ginkgo leafs belong to the wood element that bring growth, flourishing and fresh power. 

The name TAOme emphasizes all in all the uniqueness of the hotel, of the entire concept with feng shui, building biology and geomancy that is implemented in the building phase but also in the running business. 

Emmendingen and the Breisgau region has one more attraction, and guests looking for accommodation will find a new address here to feel and sleep well.