Measurements of the building biology

Many measures have been implemented in our house to reduce the electromagnetic pollution.

In the entire building only shielded cables were installed and the hotel rooms and public areas are all equipped with LED lights. Even the power supply was custom-made specially shielded and grounded to minimize the electromagnetic pollution. Furthermore, our equipment room was shielded by the special fabric Cuprotect ®. In order to reduce the influence of high-frequency electromagnetic radiation, our hotel is provided with triple glazed and metallised windows. Also, we have no wireless connection but offer free LAN cable to get high speed internet access. Even the phones on the hotel rooms are all wired. Not even is the hotel equipped with microwave, neither in the kitchen nor in our apartments with a kitchenette.

Through all these measures, we help our guests to unloaded restful sleep. 

To test the effectiveness of these measures, the building biologist and environmental analyst Bernd Kinze was entrusted with the measurement of electromagnetic radiation. Furthermore, Mr. Kinze performed indoor air analysis. Both measurements were performed exemplarily in three different rooms of our hotel.

The result of these analyses we have compiled here: