Philosophy and Idea

Good Sleep and Well-being


No matter if you spend the night in our hotel as a business traveler or as a private guest, you will feel harmony that lets you really relax. You will feel pure joy of living and you will get the strength and the energy that you need for the next day. 


"Since 25 years I am spending a lot of time on the road, as a businessman as well as a private citizen. I am spending more than 6 month a year in hotels. That is why I know how difficult it is to make successful dealings the day after a bad sleep or to unwind after a hard day.  

This is exactly the reason why I decided to build a hotel for you that guarantees good sleep and well-being. 

The TAOme Feng Shui Stadthotel Breisgau in Emmendingen gives you a profound sleep through its room design and the implemented effects of feng shui, geomancy and building biology." 


With best wishes,

Gerwin R. Platz Jun.