Healthy living through feng shui, because you can build good sleep!

The TAOme Feng Shui Stadthotel Breisgau is an extraordinary private hotel on the norther side of Emmendingen. 

Whether you are a business traveler, city tourist or recreation seeker, you can expect sincere warmth and the best quality when you stay with us. 

All of our air-conditioned, non-smoking rooms are designed so that you can relax and recharge your batteries in a short amount of time. Optimally, this includes physical relaxation and mental revitalization. 

High qualitiy, biologically tested materials, Electro smog reducing techniques, as well as harmonious colors and soothing lights ensure a healthy sleep and fresh vital-energy. 

Enjoy Feng Shui harmony and comfort

we offer 40 modern, non-smoking, air-conditioned rooms that are built according to Feng Shui standards in five different categories for you to choose from. All rooms, suites and apartments are soundproofed with triple-glazed windows.

"Room example: Business single room with bath" , please click on the picture to enlarge it.

Complete Regeneration

Recovery is always a holistic process. Proper recovery means completely recovering. This includes physical relaxation and mental revitalization. Only then can the day and the coming tasks be tackled with renewed vigor. Recovery periods are predominantly subconscious, but the preconditions and surroundings are chosen consciously. This is the exact motif we have chosen for setting the concept of the hotel.