Feng Shui – Wellness through and through

Supported by experts


Pamela Jentner, expert for vital buildings and her team supervise this hotel project from day one. 

The unique concept of Feng Shui, room psychology, geomancy and building biology generate powerful and  above all noticeable wellness factors. 

The building and its rooms were designed using content of vital energy, the usage of geomantic force fields and special equipment to provide the people staying there with refreshing vital energy. The hotel rooms are benefitting your sleep, relaxation, sociability, cheerfulness and communication. Your mere presence is sufficient for guests and employees to soak up this energy. The vitalized rooms work smoothly and harmoniously to give you energy and build you up. Your thoughts and emotions focus on the essentials. Soothing peace and relaxation are perceivable. 

Learn more about the backgrounds of feng shui, geomancy und building biology here, just click the respective term.