The Alsace

As a direct neighbor of Germany this smallest region of France can be reached wonderfully by car or train. 

„Diversity“ is the catchword which describes best the touristic offers that attract about 11 Million visitors each year: walking tours through the vineyards or the Vosges, mountainbiking, cycling tours through the Alsace plains, climbing fun in the treetops of countless adventure parks, postcard idyll in small, medieval villages, modern architecture and exciting museums in the cities! 

21 nature reserves preserve the natural heritage of the region. Gardens with lush floral splendor but also numerous flower towns and villages invite you to stroll around. Exquisite, starred restaurants (there are 26 Michelin stars in the Alsace!) and hearty wine taverns cheer the heart of each gourmet.  

Traditional festivals lure with colorful events and show that regional culture and gastronomy still have a special meaning. Modern festivals present internationally known artists.  

Many happy and unhappy events in the history of the region have led to a strong, own identity in the Alsace. German-French history is omnipresent. And best of all, to enjoy French savoir vivre you don’t need to master the language, (almost) all people here speak German!

So just follow the motto of the Alsatian tourism association „Alsacezvous!“ and get “alsaced”! 

(Source: Tourisme Alsace)

The Weinstraße – Wine Route

The Alsatian Wine Route winds tenderly over 170 kilometers through the region, from Marlenheim, the gate of the Wine Route in the north, to Thann in the south. On its way through valleys and over slopes it crosses more than 70 wine villages. 

Here and there you come upon mysterious castles and walls of intrenched small towns from the Dark Ages or mysterious sights that breathe history. Over 400 vintners open the doors to their wine cellars to share their passion for vines and grapes with the visitors.

Cozy Winstubs (wine taverns) and pleasantly chilling, inviting wine cellars, where tastings are possible, lie by the wayside. What a real invitation to get to know the seven different types of grape of the Alsace. 

To probe into the soul of the Wine Route visitors should meet vintners and taste their wine!

For more information: Weinstraße.