Because of the corona pandemie the Europa Park actually is closed!

Welcome to our new attractions and magical moments. Project-V is the biggest surprise this year´s park season. Details are just under secret and nobody knows the exact beginning.

15 European topics convey a unique vacation feeling on 98 hectares through typical architecture, gastronomy and vegetation. While in Iceland the wooden rollercoaster „WODAN-Timburcoaster“, the splashy family attraction „Whale Adventures – Splash Tours“ and the catapult coaster „Blue Fire Megacoaster powered by GAZPROM“ are attracting visitors, the water coaster “Poseidon” in Greece is offering a trip through the classical world. In France “Silver Star” and „Eurosat“ are waiting for all brave rollercoaster fans and next to it the guests are dashing through the bends on the Swiss „Matterhorn-Blitz“. In Scandinavia there is the cooling: The visitors here are rushing with „Fjord-Rafting“ through a raging torrent, passing rocks and water fountains. The “Lada Autodrom” in the Russian subject area was completely revised and provides a special enjoyment with its sportsters. In addition, the artists of the Europa-Park are winning the hearts of the visitors by conjuring tricks, dancing and juggling. Pirouettes, jumps and flips on hot blades are shown in the newly staged ice show. A real fireworks of artistic high performances, comedy and dance is awaiting the visitors in the variety show, and in the Spanish arena you can watch spectacular stunts. The little ones may be looking forward to the kids musical.

(Source: Europa Park)

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